Commercial Property Finance

Commercial property finance allows you to purchase or refinance properties for investment purposes that have commercial uses. Finance for commercial property can be difficult to arrange and it is important to understand the complexities involved.

Commercial finance is not always as straightforward as other property finance options such as development or bridging finance. Commercial property finance can be used to invest in all nature of commercial properties. This includes a range of residential properties such as student accommodation, hotels or healthcare related properties. In addition, this type of finance can be used to fund investment in other purely commercial ventures including retail and business premises or warehouses.

As with other forms of property finance, commercial finance requires the borrower to have sufficient funds available as a deposit. There are also additional legal, valuation and other professional fees to consider that should be taken into account prior to applying.

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SPF Short Term Finance are a multi award-winning intermediary with over 21 years of experience in finding and securing the perfect commercial finance for clients around the world. We have an extensive network of trusted lenders and relationships established over many years. Contact our dedicated commercial team today to secure the ideal finance solution for your needs.

Securing Commercial Funding

Commercial funding allows you to secure the finance you need for a property other than your property of residence. This includes all nature of properties whose usage is to be for business or investment purposes.

It is important that you secure the right type of finance from a lender with relevant sector experience who will understand your needs both now and in the future. Our team at SPF Short Term Finance are experts in the commercial funding markets and will work to ensure that the finance you get, matches your needs and requirements. There are numerous types of specific commercial funding, the most appropriate of which should only be considered when ensuring you obtain the most suitable finance for the asset in question.

Portfolio Finance

This tends to be a loan for a longer term than other types of commercial finance and is usually taken out by property investors with a number of commercial properties. Portfolio finance consolidates all loans as part of your portfolio into one. However, these loans are dependent upon the income derived from the underlying properties within the portfolio.

Hotel Financing

This is a specific offering for those investing in hotels; including existing ones and hotels to be renovated. With this type of finance, the amount of funding available to borrowers tends to be determined by both the value of the building as well as the historical or projected income from the business. Each individual proposal tends to be looked at and assessed on its merits, and loan terms and pricing tend to be bespoke.

Rate Per Annum Max LTV Lender Fee Availability
3% over BBR 60% 1% Nationwide
4% over BBR 70% 1% Nationwide
4.5% over BBR 75% 1.5% Nationwide

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At SPF Short Term Finance, we work with a wide range of lenders from across our extensive network to ensure you have access to the very best solutions for commercial property finance. This includes residential portfolio finance, development finance and commercial and retail investment finance options:


Applying for a Commercial Mortgage

There are a number of considerations and qualifying criteria that you will need to consider and fully satisfy before making an application for commercial finance. Unlike a mortgage for your property of residence, commercial mortgage applications will take some extra factors into account. You should expect to have to provide a detailed summary of your plans for the property, details of any leases as well as a summary of your own personal experience and an asset and liabilities statement.

It is also very important that borrowers can show lenders that they have a proven track record when it comes to similar projects and developments and that as a borrower, they are able to cover any additional costs incurred or shortfalls that may occur.

Our dedicated Commercial property team deal with all nature of commercial projects within the UK, particularly for projects within London and the M25. We help arrange finance and refinancing for existing buildings as well as developments with or without planning consent.

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