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Our international mortgage service ensures that you are able to finance overseas properties efficiently. We help you find the perfect international property loans for overseas properties worth €1 million or more, helping UK nationals and nationals of European Union (EU) member states secure finance for purchasing or refinancing.

We mainly provide international mortgages for properties in France and Monaco, The Balearic Islands, Switzerland, Italy and the EU. It's important to consider other taxes may apply depending on location.

Many of our clients looking for overseas property finance are seeking to acquire property abroad as a second home or for rental investment. No matter the purpose of the chosen property, local laws, tax implications and financial requirements will vary from country to country. It is therefore hugely important that the finance you secure is via experienced and informed experts.

We have a dedicated, multi award-winning team of international mortgage specialists with over 20 years’ experience in securing finance for properties across all continents. With laws, exchange rates and regulations subject to change and with potential language barriers to overcome, it is crucial that you can rely upon specialists with local expertise to ensure that the entire process is as informed and as hassle-free as possible, with applications made straightforward.

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Applying for Overseas Mortgages

Overseas mortgages tend to differ from ‘traditional’ UK mortgages and property finance. It is important to properly understand the fundamental differences between foreign property markets and the UK markets that you may well be accustomed to.

We help secure finance for properties worth €1m or more and also offer refinancing and equity release loans on a case by case basis. Whatever the nature of the financing you need, you will need to consider various factors depending on the country the property is located in:

Local Taxes – Different countries have different tax laws that may or may not affect your property purchase. This includes applications of Capital Gains Tax as well as other taxes. For example, for properties in Spanish territories such as The Balearic Islands, you will need to account for the ‘annual wealth tax’ relating to the net value of any assets (after mortgage deductions), depending on the exact region.

Stress Tests – In recent times and post-Brexit, banks in many European countries (apart from Italy) have introduced ‘stress tests’ for British buyers. This is to ensure that the property loan is completely affordable and to make sure that the buyer can withstand related costs and potential sudden exchange rate fluctuations.

Exchange Rates & Affordability – As with other types of finance, affordability is key to securing international mortgages. How much a borrower can afford is crucial in determining the terms and amount lent as part of an arrangement. Currency fluctuations are one of the most important factors to consider, as small currency fluctuations can potentially add thousands of pounds to the cost of an overseas mortgage.

Who Provides Overseas Mortgage Finance?

Finance is provided by either international lenders such as local high street banks or when the situation allows, private banks. How and when each lender will provide finance differs and as part of the application process we will make sure that any finance we secure is from lenders that provide the most favourable arrangements.

International lenders, banks in Europe in particular are extremely strict and will often only offer favourable arrangements for the purchase of a property if these criteria are met. They will usually require tax returns as proof of income from past years and may be more concerned with past financial affairs rather than future projections and predictions.

Private Banks in European markets only usually become active when the property in question is in a ‘prime location’ and is valued at €2m or more. Therefore, in order to avoid rejections it is crucial to apply to the correct and most relevant lenders when looking to secure an international mortgage.

How much can I Borrow?

Just as with mortgages and property finance in the UK, the amount you can borrow can range quite considerably and will be dependent on the country where your proposed property is located. In some countries such as France, you can potentially borrow up to 85% Loan-to-Value; the value of the loan in relation to the property (LTV). Maximum LTVs in France tend to be determined by property type as well as geographic location and loans of between 50% and 75% of property value are common. French lenders will sometimes provide UK-based buyers with up to 80% or even 85% LTV loans.

The amount a lender is willing to lend and the rates at which they will lend at are dependent on various factors. Factors that will be assessed include the type and condition of the property in question, its location and your affordability.

Fixed and Variable Rates – Similarly to UK mortgages and property finance, overseas mortgages can offer fixed or variable interest rates which can be longer or shorter term, however this will vary from country to country and will often depend on the exact nature of your circumstances as well as the property you are looking to finance.

International Finance Experts

SPF Short Term Finance has over 20 years of experience in brokering and helping to secure international finance and mortgages. Our international mortgage team work across our extensive network of international lenders and are able to secure you the perfect mortgage with the most ideal terms for your precise needs.

It is possible to secure the mortgage on a UK property or an overseas property. Promisingly, many countries are very welcoming and open to UK and English speaking investment, making the process much easier than it has been historically, with lenders in some non-English speaking countries offering specific English speaking advisers and services to the English speaking market.

Our team will help you ensure that all of your finances and relevant documentation is in order and will ensure that the finance chosen fits all of your requirements both now and in the future, avoiding any negative long term consequences for your finances.

Apply for an International Mortgage

We have a dedicated team of multi award-winning international mortgage experts with decades of combined experience. With in-depth Knowledge of international property markets; working with a plethora of lenders and Private Banks we secure you the perfect finance for overseas properties valued at €1m or more.

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Your Home May Be Repossessed If You Do Not Keep Up Repayments On Your Mortgage Or Any Other Debt Secured On It. Changes In The Exchange Rate May Increase The Sterling Equivalent Of Your Debt.

A fee of up to 1% of the loan amount is payable. For example, if we arrange a loan of €400,000 the fee could be €4,000. The exact fee charged will depend on the amount of work undertaken.

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